Lawrence Gumbo
Full stack Developer

Oh, the projects Lawrence has brought to life are a technicolor explosion of awesomeness! From dazzling e-commerce platforms that shine brighter than disco balls to interactive social apps that groove to the rhythm of your life, Lawrence has the uncanny ability to turn any coding challenge into a show-stopping spectacle.

Lawrence Gumbo
hand made sert

About Me

A dedicated web developer driven by the belief in the transformative power of technology to uplift and empower Africa. Committed to harnessing digital solutions to address challenges, drive innovation, and create positive change across the continent.

I enjoy using my obsessive attention to detail, my unequivocal love for making things, and my mission-driven work ethic to literally change the world. That's why I’m excited to make a big impact at a high growth company.


15+ Years Of Experience

Embarked on my tech adventure early, kicked off as a systems programmer in Zimbabwe's banking realm. Yet, the web's siren call pulled me in, and I've been crafting websites and systems ever since. My digital escapades have taken me across borders, from Zimbabwe to South Africa and even a detour to Germany.


B.A. in Computer Science
University Of Zimbabwe (2008)

Diploma Networking and PC Maintenance
McMaine School Of Computing (2006)

My Work

In-House Projects

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My Work

Client Websites

With every client I always strive to make the fundemental principals of value addition are met.


Through the years I have gather numerious skills and mastered internets most fundermental languages